Here’s a love poem I wrote three years ago, when I wasn’t really in love.

I want to fall asleep with my fragile spine against your heart, the strength in your flesh empowering me and the weakness in your bones softening mine.

I want to wake up and remain motionless so I don’t stir you when I find you still asleep, synchronizing my breath with the rhythm of your chest to try to join you in the vivid story that plays behind your gentle eyelids. ­­­­­­­

Or maybe I’ll just let my gaze linger on you like the sun that touches your face when we lie together, our bodies intertwined and our veins tangled, concealing the rivers of red that carry the chemistry between us.

A candle loses nothing when it lights another candle, but I think I lost my mind when you whispered and told me that I light you.

I lost my mind and now it’s gone, hiding in the highest branches of a pine tree, afraid that someday it will have to climb down through the needles, back to reality.

Yes, my head is in the sky. I feel like I’m high when I look into your eyes and you look back at mine and you smile and bite your lip and tell me that I’m beautiful. Sometimes that’s all I need to hear, to know that somebody I think is beautiful thinks the same of me. Isn’t that called love?

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